Why Invest In a Wax Jacket?


It wouldn’t be April in England without a few showers! It is hard to dress for adverse weather but still look great. At Harris Rae we appreciate the need for a practical coat, however, we refuse to compromise on style. Enter the wax jacket. Our Boddington Jacket has been made in a timeless style that is both durable and practical. The iconic design has a deep-rooted association with the British countryside.

I love mine and it has become the go-to choice for countryside walks with my cute doggie, casual wear and outdoor sporting.  We have designed a traditional wax jacket that complements the feminine form and creates a stunning silhouette. Everything is hand sewn to order in the Cotswolds with the very best fabric.

For many decades the Wax Jacket has stood the test of time, but where did these jackets originate? Well, the making of the waxed jacket was initially led by some pretty smart Scottish fisherman in the 15th century. They worked out that if they coated their boat sails with fish oils, they would become more waterproof. Over the years, fishermen began to use linseed oil. This developed into the trend of waterproofing their fisherman garments with wax.

In 1894, John Barbour saw the need for more waterproof and hard-wearing outerwear for his workers in the North East of England. He was the first to start producing wax jackets on a bigger scale. Over time, the jackets have proven popular with workers across many fields. The jackets have been worn for things such as sailing, farming, and gamekeeping. They are now a wardrobe staple for everyday life across Britain and internationally.

The basic production of a waxed jacket is still much the same as it has been for many years. It involves saturating the cloth with paraffin wax. This provides waterproof protection from the elements. In addition, it helps against general wear and if you are out in the field, bushes & thorns. 

Our quality waxed jackets are an investment piece. If you look after them properly they can last you a lifetime. There have been many different versions of the iconic waxed jacket over the decades, however, it’s versatility means that you can wear it season after season and always look chic, regardless of the changing fashion trends and weather.

The brilliant thing about this jacket is that it is truly the quintessential cool-girl, easy to wear jacket. Lightweight, yet warm and waterproof it can be as flexible as you. When styling your waxed jacket, it is important that the jacket remains the statement. 

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