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Our Promise

We believe that a product’s provenance is of the utmost importance and promise to uphold this in everything we make. Our approach to the heritage of tweed is to reference the past, whilst putting it in the context of modern life.

We are extremely proud that our luxurious clothing is handmade by skilled men and women who have undertaken extensive apprenticeships to master their craft in Britain. We use the finest British materials, so our pieces stand the test of time and can be passed from one generation to the next as treasured heirlooms. While we appreciate that our garments are an investment for most, we feel the expense is justified. Having our clothing made in Britain means that we are able to oversee their production far more easily, control the quality of our garments, and make sure that our high standards are maintained. There is great pride in being able to say that our pieces are ‘the very best of British’.

We use British cashmere, lambswool, or merino cloth to create our garments because it is woven and dyed to faultlessly, using techniques that have been perfected over generations. Time and care are taken over the production of our cloth. Yarns are hand-sourced and spun with precision, weaves are refined and dyes are tried and tested. The end result is cloths that are of outstanding quality, that are extraordinarily soft to the touch, and that come in unique tones.

We use British materials to help preserve the country’s rich textile production heritage for the next generation too. Some of the mills from which we source our cloth was founded over 150 years ago. By giving these mills our custom today, we hope to play a role in ensuring that they will last another 150 years. In a world of out-sourcing and mass-production, we want to celebrate the artisanship and the integrity that has been woven into quality British manufacturing over the centuries.