The Story of
Harris Rae

Harris Rae is a brand born out of a desire for the very best; the very best design, the very best tweed, the very best quality.

After realising it was time to turn a dream into a reality, designer Natalie Kenny put pen to paper and sketched out the very first designs for Harris Rae. Almost a year in the making and Natalie is launched her Autumn/Winter 2019 collection of handmade women’s tweed and wax.

This collection reflects a truly personal journey. Inspired by Natalie’s love of the Cotswold countryside, her children and their family dog. Harris Rae is named after Natalie’s Children, Harrison and Savannah Rae. The other passion in Natalie’s life is fashion. She learnt how to sew and make clothes for herself from an early age and has always harboured a dream to create her own clothing brand.

The Collection
Harris Rae is a collection of pieces that uphold the practicality of country clothing with a stylish twist. Stylish yet traditional – everything you’d expect a tweed outfit to be for a day at the races or a stroll in the country.
The Harris Rae brand stays true to the quality you would expect from tweed and we have sourced the very best British tweeds. As a British company, we are proud of the heritage associated with tweed and the role it plays in country life.  There’s a reason it’s been the material of choice for so many years. Now we are excited to be a part of the evolution of tweed; to ensure its longevity for generations to come. We’ve teamed our tweeds with luxurious furs, elegant suede trims and our own signature gold buttons to become something truly special.

All our pieces, from capes to skirts, are hand cut and sewn to order. This enables us to produce bespoke tailoring, so if there is a specific combination of tweed and trim that you would like – you only need ask. Cut to fit the modern woman, our designs aim to flatter, and make you feel wonderful.

The way we feel about tweed really sums up how we approach our business. We are built on traditional British values of hard work, loyalty and trust. It is important to us that your clothing is made in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet.

“Our wish for Harris Rae is for it to be the epitome of British style.”

– Natalie Kenny, Founder