Harris Rae in Lower Slaughter


Whoever it was that said you shouldn’t work with children and animals was absolutely right. I may have left my children at home, but I couldn’t resist bringing Coco (our naughty beagle) along for our first ever photo shoot of ladies tweed clothing collection. She is our logo after all.  Coco was a total distraction wanting to run and play with everyone, rather than sit and pose for a photo!

A couple of weeks ago we headed to the wonderful The Slaughters Manor House in Lower Slaughter to capture some quintessentially British images of our tweed clothing. I’m not sure you can go anywhere else to feel more ‘in the Cotswolds’ than here. The weather was also on our side. It was gloriously sunny, although we did have to try and avoid squinting! It wasn’t quite the look I was after…

Our models coped really well, including the handling of Coco, to produce some perfect pics. I was thrilled to see the clothes I’ve spent so long designing, cutting and sewing, being worn with such elegance. It was really a rather exciting moment!

I must say a huge thank you too to our amazing photographer Chakkri (@chakkrisorn) and videographer Dan Jepson who were great at capturing the models and Coco despite attracting quite a crowd. It was exciting to see the reactions of passers-by to the collection. It’s really the first time my ladies tweed clothing designs have been seen by anyone other than friends or family. Everyone was very complementary – I hope they weren’t just talking about Coco anyway…!

We were lucky enough to be able to feature beautiful Morris Richardson watches and Mackenzie & George belts and fedora hats to perfectly complement our ladies tweed clothing collection.

It wasn’t all work though, we had a little play too. We stopped for a delicious lunch at the Manor and took advantage of the croquet on offer! It was such a fun day, with a great team. I am so pleased to be launching the collection with these amazing images.

Thank you all!

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